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How To Properly Utilize the Ultimate Clay Bar
The Ultimate Clay Bar is simple to use, but you must observe the directions to the letter. If you use a clay bar wrong, you’ll either make a mess or scuff the paint’s
The Ultimate Clay Bar will grab your paint so it cannot be used dry. If it’s dry you’ll make a big mess and scuff your paint.


So what’s the trick to not making a mess of the paints surface?  It’s quite simple, clear any loose dirt, properly wash and clean your vehicle as
decribed above.
While you are using the Ultimate Clay Bar, your vehicle should not be exposed to direct sunlight. It’s also better that the work area is cold to keep the lubricant from
evaporating too quickly.
Spray a lubricant on a small section of your car and rub the Ultimate Clay Bar back and forth under mild to medium friction. If the lubricant starts to dry, spray some

After a few passes, rub your hand over the area you’ve cleaned to check for any misses. You should feel a distinct difference between the areas you have clayed and
those you haven’t.
Keep rubbing until all contamination bumps are gone. It’s amazing how much dirt film clay can remove from exterior glass.
Finally, wipe the lubricant residue off with a soft microfiber towel, and buff to a nice luster. Just like waxing, it’s best to work in small areas.
You’ll want to check the Ultimate Clay Bar frequently for hard particles. When found, just wash them off by using a hose or dip it in your soapy bucket.


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