Paint Shield 3 Bottles



  • Only Takes 20 Minutes To Apply
  • Innovative SIO2 Technology
  • 6+ Months Protection and Shine​
  • Diamond -Like Shine For Any Car Paint
  • Incredible High-Gloss Shine and Hydrophobic Properties
  • Used By Professional Detailers World Wid


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Long Lasting Protection

Our Paint Shield formulation has been developed to be one of the easiest to apply ceramic coatings on the market. Our formula binds to your car’s clear coat instead of on top, providing superior gloss and protection.

Super Hydrophobic

One application of AquaShield's Paint Shield provides enough protection for months. It is the perfect protection product for regular maintenance of your vehicle. It can also easily be re-applied for instant results and shine!

Enhanced Shine

AquaShield’s Paint Shield leaves a best in class finish that leaves your vehicle shining like a diamond. The coating provides a deep mirror like finish that gets shocking results and reactions from customers globally!

Additional information


Paint Shield has been developed to provide the everyday auto enthusiast with an easy to use super car paint protection formula using the latest technology. This state of the art formulation comes at an affordable price.

Paint Shield formula contains both hydrophobic and hydrophobic properties, therefore it’s application to an auto body will give you that “super hydrophobic” visual effect.

Paint Shield may be easily applied on your vehicle's paint and glass surfaces. The surface should be free of any environmental contamination and we suggest using a clay bar to effectively accomplish this task. Apply to a microfiber towel and then apply to the surface, allow to dry for 30 seconds and then wipe off.

Paint Shield has a Curing time of 20 minutes. The surface should not be exposed to water for 24 hrs

Only 1 layer Paint Shield is required.

Paint Shield has a shelf life of at least 12 months when stored between 0°C and 25°C in the tightly closed original container.
After opening – must be used within 180 days.
Storage beyond the date specified on the label does not necessarily mean that the product is no longer usable. In this case however, the properties required for the intended use must be checked for quality assurance reasons.

Comprehensive instructions are given in the corresponding Material Safety Data Sheets. They are available on request from AquaShield Technologies.
The data presented in this TDS are in accordance with the present state of our knowledge, but do not absolve the user from carefully checking all supplies immediately on receipt. We reserve the right to alter product constants within the scope of technical progress or new developments.

Reapply every 6-9 months or as required


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