Liquid Crystal Ceramic Coating-Gold


  • Anti-dust & Anti-static, Easy Cleaning.
  • Long Lasting-Up 2-3 Years
  • Easy To Apply- No UV Lights Required.
  • Used By Professional Detailers Worldwide
  • 60,000 + Vehicles Coated since 2016!


AquaShield Liquid Crystal body coating is the first of its kind formula for automotive bodies. While many existing formulas focus on hydrophobicity, repelling only wet dirt, Liquid Crystal contains both hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties. Combining these two properties in one formula creates a volatile reaction within water molecules, which in turn scrubs the surface of the car clean of all dirt dry or otherwise, just add water

Liquid Crystal coatings contain a min of 90% SIO2, and in fact our top coating is almost 95% SIO2. These properties provide cleaner surfaces lasting for 3 years or longer, as well as advanced scratch protection, and hydrophobic abilities.

Most notable of the results is that the car will almost be self-cleaning, but the formula also provides rust, protection, scratch resistance, UV protection, and leaves the finish looking extremely shiny more than any wax.


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